Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Best Friend, I Love You!

Nor Azizah and Nur Amirah Puah are my best friend since secondary 1 but Izzati Ainin Sofea since primary 6. We share everything together. We love to talk about random things without getting bored. We are enjoyable. 
Azizah is a kind of makcik makcik sebab dia suka membebel. Hahaha. And among us she's good in History.
While Amirah is a kind of elder sister to me. We always fight like Tom and Jerry! Hahahaha and among us she's good in Mathematics.
Sofea ni dia susah sikit nak explain. Tapi dia jenis cakap lepas tapiiii apa yg dia cakap tu mmg betul :)

I love them and I hope that this friendship will last longer hereafter.. :)

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