Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cake Jalan Tiung

Do you love cakes, people?
My answer is, of course I do! 

On November 2015, Kevin (my boyfriend's coach), Akmal (my boyfriend) and I went to this little cozy cafe that sells a variety of cakes in Shah Alam, quite a bit far from our college in Bangi. But anyway, for cakes, sanggup ku renangi walaupun jam tapi ku hadapkan jua. Gigih ok demi berpotong-potong cake! 

We wanted to go to Cake Jalan Tiung in Shah Alam TTDI at first but after we realized that there's one place yang nearer, we went there je because senang kan which is located at Jalan Tg Ampuan Zabedah. So we went up to the first floor, yes kena climb up the stairs demi cake, nampak tak kesanggupan tu macam mana because CJT dekat belah atas okay. 

Belum masuk lagi I dah impressed with their cool frames outside of the cafe. This place made me feel very welcome. Masuk-masuk je terus in love with their interior design. I personally think that their theme in this cafe is blue + yellow + white? I might be wrong but it is okay to guess isn't it hehe. Cute little origami hanging on the ceiling, very cozy, a very little place but with an open view, you get what I mean? What I can describe about this cafe is that you can take a lot of Instagram pictures because the lighting, background, design and everything is on point! Really. I also love how they organized the cafe from A-Z and the arrangement of the cakes as well.

Of terrariums and Typo's stuffs.

I really like how the origami dragonfly's(?) are hanging there.

How can u not laaahv cakesss

So we ordered 4 slices of cakes from different types of flavor, 2 drinks and cookies plus our 3 belly.
As you can see, there's 4C Cookies yang you can dip in the milk. It taste a lot better than Subway's cookies, I swear.

We also had After Yoga healthy carrot cake with cream cheese and pumpkin seeds, ah, without me telling you guys which one is the After Yoga, confirm dah tahu punya. Hm, I dont know what to say about After Yoga cake but I ok je!

My boyfriend's favorite is Handsome Boyfriend cake! Hm, macam coincidence kan orang handsome makan Handsome Boyfriend cake haha. Handsome Boyfriend cake is fully chocolate, if you are deeply madly chocolate lover, kena try. Oh Handsome Boyfriend tu yang dekat the blue floral piring. Sedap gilaaa!

Next to the Handsome Boyfriend is Bella Nutella vanilla cake with strawberry. Coincidence juga because my name is Bel, I makan cake nama Bella. Right?? Heh. This one pun sedap juga, buat peggemar Nutella.

For drinks, we ordered iced latte and Tapping Tapir Hibiscus & Lime.

That's me in stripes trying to act cool in front of the cakes.

And taaraaaa, this one is Salted Caramel and Chocolate is signature in Cake Jalan Tiung. So sedap if you suka salted caramel! Because I love it! Not so-salted-caramel, but you can taste the saltiness with the mixture of caramel. Faham tak?

Only took one close-up picture because malu depan Akmal's coach hehe. 

Price? Well in my opinion, affordable, it goes well as the quality & taste of the cake. If I'm not mistaken, RM12 for each slice. For drinks, iced latte is RM10, kalau tak silap I juga. 
The staffs pun baik, layan customer equally, very friendly. Thumbs up for doing a great job!
The only think I regret the most was, tak order Berry Sue Pavlova. Therefore, I will definitely come back for their pavlova pula. 

A group photo before we went back.

Smile monkey, smile!

I bagi 4/5 marks to this Cake Jalan Tiung.

CJT's Instagram & Facebook.

Grab your cakes now!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Harro 2016?

Hi everyone!

It has been ages since the last time I post anything here. Phew! Kinda miss it here though. The last time I updated this blog was on 2014.... I just realized that I ni lazy gila. There is nothing much I wanna say because this post is basically about me voicing out my inner voice to myself in the future because I do not have any reader because I am a lazy blogger, sampai berhabuk blog ni!

Anyway, life is good, alhamdulillah praises to Allah. How about you? Oh so on previous entry, I updated about my college life or my freshie year. And I even promised to keep on updating my blog but janji tinggal janji, biasalah manusia gais, sentiasa melakukan kesilapan. But truthfully, I wasn't THAT extremely busy, I am just, l-a-z-y, lazy. 

Let's make it short and simple. 
My foundation year was great. I dapat banyak gila lessons during my Foundation time. Like really, ups and downs masa foundation, menangis atas sebab sebab yang tertentu which you guys will know if my first semester of degree punya result bagus, I will let you know why, so do pray for my result ok! (ceh, macam ada reader je lol). Memang remarkable gila lah. If I ada kids ada grandchildren all, I will definitely let them know why, so they will never ever ever repeat my mistake! Usually when we heard of 'remarkable' word of course it has something wonderful moment in it but this one, nu-uh-uh, but since it gives me a lot of lessons, it is still a remarkable one. 

Alhamdulillah I am now one of the Bachelor of Information System's student. I swear I am a lot more an independent person now when it comes to assignments. Because dulu during my foundation time, I ni manja because dimanjakan oleh rakan-rakanku hehe. But thanks to kenangan pahit-manis masa foundation, it keeps me stronger walaupun lepas balik class tu terus melepet atas katil separuh sedar sebab sumpah penat nak mampos weh degree!!! Back then during foundation time, one assignment for one subject only, but now in degree, jangan mimpi laaaah. One subject ada lebih kurang 3 assignment(?), ada class activity, mini project, lab test, final presentation, midterms, final exams, quizzes for every subject; bayangkan if each subject holds 5 quizzes and I ada 5 subject, you do the maths. Memang penatlah kan. I don't know whether I am the only one yang rasa penat maybe because I ni seorang yang fragile(hahahah perasan) atau dengan erti kata melayu is, lembik, but honestly, I rasa I ni lembik lol. My result is coming out but I dont know when so lets pray for the best for me and my friends as well!

Dan yay alhamdulillah juga hidup I drama-free atau bebas dari drama murahan budak college sebab I dah reti  managed myself dari terjebak dengan anasir-anasir liar hahaha. No lah, cuma kurang drama sedu sedan yang tak tertanggung. But if my friend still kepoh-kepoh about hot news all, I still wanna know hehehe.

Em what else eh.

Oh ya! My relationship goes prettttaaaayyy uhhh-mahhh-zing too!!! Did I just say, relationship..? Yes yes yes, I am in a relationship now! Heheh, so I met this one guy in my college his name is Muhamad Akmal Shamsudin and we are so in love! 21st Sept '14, ❤. 

I have a looooot to share actually, but till the next entry!