Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Harro 2016?

Hi everyone!

It has been ages since the last time I post anything here. Phew! Kinda miss it here though. The last time I updated this blog was on 2014.... I just realized that I ni lazy gila. There is nothing much I wanna say because this post is basically about me voicing out my inner voice to myself in the future because I do not have any reader because I am a lazy blogger, sampai berhabuk blog ni!

Anyway, life is good, alhamdulillah praises to Allah. How about you? Oh so on previous entry, I updated about my college life or my freshie year. And I even promised to keep on updating my blog but janji tinggal janji, biasalah manusia gais, sentiasa melakukan kesilapan. But truthfully, I wasn't THAT extremely busy, I am just, l-a-z-y, lazy. 

Let's make it short and simple. 
My foundation year was great. I dapat banyak gila lessons during my Foundation time. Like really, ups and downs masa foundation, menangis atas sebab sebab yang tertentu which you guys will know if my first semester of degree punya result bagus, I will let you know why, so do pray for my result ok! (ceh, macam ada reader je lol). Memang remarkable gila lah. If I ada kids ada grandchildren all, I will definitely let them know why, so they will never ever ever repeat my mistake! Usually when we heard of 'remarkable' word of course it has something wonderful moment in it but this one, nu-uh-uh, but since it gives me a lot of lessons, it is still a remarkable one. 

Alhamdulillah I am now one of the Bachelor of Information System's student. I swear I am a lot more an independent person now when it comes to assignments. Because dulu during my foundation time, I ni manja because dimanjakan oleh rakan-rakanku hehe. But thanks to kenangan pahit-manis masa foundation, it keeps me stronger walaupun lepas balik class tu terus melepet atas katil separuh sedar sebab sumpah penat nak mampos weh degree!!! Back then during foundation time, one assignment for one subject only, but now in degree, jangan mimpi laaaah. One subject ada lebih kurang 3 assignment(?), ada class activity, mini project, lab test, final presentation, midterms, final exams, quizzes for every subject; bayangkan if each subject holds 5 quizzes and I ada 5 subject, you do the maths. Memang penatlah kan. I don't know whether I am the only one yang rasa penat maybe because I ni seorang yang fragile(hahahah perasan) atau dengan erti kata melayu is, lembik, but honestly, I rasa I ni lembik lol. My result is coming out but I dont know when so lets pray for the best for me and my friends as well!

Dan yay alhamdulillah juga hidup I drama-free atau bebas dari drama murahan budak college sebab I dah reti  managed myself dari terjebak dengan anasir-anasir liar hahaha. No lah, cuma kurang drama sedu sedan yang tak tertanggung. But if my friend still kepoh-kepoh about hot news all, I still wanna know hehehe.

Em what else eh.

Oh ya! My relationship goes prettttaaaayyy uhhh-mahhh-zing too!!! Did I just say, relationship..? Yes yes yes, I am in a relationship now! Heheh, so I met this one guy in my college his name is Muhamad Akmal Shamsudin and we are so in love! 21st Sept '14, ❤. 

I have a looooot to share actually, but till the next entry! 


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