Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Mac's Malaysia

That day while I was scrolling down my social media stuff, I saw someone posted a few pictures of Macaroni and Cheese, with hell loooottttsss of cheese! You know, as a mac & cheese lover I don't want to feel left out about the best mac & cheese so if there's a mac & cheese, there's a way! Then I tried to search here and there and oh finally, the location is just nearby my boyfriend's house!

So last month, my boyfriend and I (as the co-driver) drove all the way from Bangi to Subang Jaya just for the mac & cheese for the first time. But yesterday, we went there for the second time with my friends. Therefore, I will be reviewing my first experience and my second time visit as well. 

It is The Mac's Malaysia, USJ 14 Subang Jaya

During our first visit, we arrived there around 8:15pm and tak ramai orang. We did not waste our time just for queuing, we arrive there, look at the menu and order. Yeap, you have to stand there and tell the person in charge of what you want to order, there's no one who will going to entertain your orders at your table or layan all your "bang nak tisu, bang nak bayar" because this is not a restaurant. Order, pay and duduk. That's their way. This is more like a hawker stall, or in simpler word, macam makan tepi jalan open 4 5 table, like that. 

I do not have to wait for a really long time, probably 10 minutes tu just a maximum of our waiting time je! I seriously have to use camera flash because no fancy lighting at all, as I said, this is not a restaurant so do not expect much from them for decoration. 

The Mac and Cheese, RM9.50. 



It tastes sooooo good. So cheesy and chewy. The amount of macaroni and cheese is balance. I personally think theres a sprinkle of red chili flakes to balance everything. I know you might be thinking "Oh this is a really small cup" but I swear you akan kenyang unless you are terribly hungry, there's an exception to buy 2 of it! 

Yesterday, I tried their Carbonara. And guess what, kena beratur because ramai sangat orang! We waited for almost half an hour but oh boy, you know it's gonna worth it right?

Carbonara, RM9.50.
I kinda like their Carbonara but I did not recommend it as much as I recommend the Mac and Cheese. It taste just good, rich in quantity and affordable. The main reason I think I did not prefer this probably because this is not their main attraction, nampak berat sebelah but that's the truth. 

  • Affordable prices
  • Did not recommend the Carbonara as much as the Mac & Cheese
  • Parking space can be a little difficult
  • Not much of space/table to eat
  • If there are too many of mac and cheese lover, you absolutely have to wait for it!
  • 5/5 for the mac & cheese! 
A little information:
  • Landmark: Behind Petronas USJ 14, in front of a laundry shop, Subang Jaya
  • Operation hours: open from 6pm to 12 midnight
  • Close on Sunday
  • Price: Between RM8 to RM12
  • Few stalls next to it sells mee celup, air mangga, burger and takoyaki (not really sure). 
  • Follow their Instagram -> The Mac's Subang Jaya <- for more updates.

Psstt! I even posted this on Twitter and..

I do not want to brag about the amount of rts but i sumpah i kinda shocked when it even hits 100 rts because tak pernah like that hahaha. I always share everything on my Twitter and Instagram and sometimes I do a mini review so do follow my accounts if you're interested! 

Until my next food venture!

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